Are you building or renovating a house? Have it heated for 0 zloty. Red Snake designers can match the heating system and photovoltaic systems so that your bills will be close to zero. Send us your project and check how little you will invest in comparison to other heating systems. biuro@redsnake.pl

1. The account of the customer, owning the Red Snake heating system and a photovoltaic, solar installation.
Settlement for the second half of 2016. Six months of using CH, domestic warm water, light, household appliances, RTV and other electrical devices for PLN 160 (one hundred and sixty zloty).


2. The Red Snake heating system uses the energy produced in summer and stored in the network. Free of charge Solar Heating is the future that is possible already today.

3. Invite the sun to your home.
The heating element of the system is the nanotechnology miracle – the Red Snake heating film, which heats up the rooms in the healthiest way known, i.e. by infrared. Its lifetime, like in case of the remaining electrical installation, is counted in decades.

4. Hire the sun full time.

A photovoltaic installation, appropriately selected by our engineers, will provide enough energy for heating purposes, and if the size of the roof allows, it will satisfy all the energy demands of the building.

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