Well-known electric heating in the form of the so-called “Farelka” electric heaters is a frequently used system in such places as offices, halls, stalls. The problem of “farelka” lies in the fact that they are turned on all the time and their heating is extremely inefficient, because cold air is heated, and is distributed in the premises, before you start to feel the warmth. Furthermore, warm air wandering around the premises can cause sickness, in particular in winter, the more so when numerous other people are working there.

Therefore, how to heat effectively and nicely, keeping people healthy?

Red Snake is a proven and popular way for point heating. It is sufficient to insert a piece of film under the chair, and you will feel thermal comfort almost immediately. This happens so as infrared heating hardly causes any air movement, only vibrates all particles that the infrared wave hits. This is much more effective, and above all, better for your health than convection heating.

And if you are also cold at home, can you roll up a piece of film after work and take it with you ????

Winter is coming, why not get yourself a Red Snake mobile heating?

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